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Flexible Rubbish Chute Stortslurf®

Extremely Fast Installation (<10 mins.)
Our flexible rubbish chute is all you need if you are looking for an affordable, quick and easy way to dump your rubble. It can be installed by 1 person in only a few minutes. The flexible rubbish chute folds up easily, making it a compact, lightweight and easy to transport tool. Plus, our flexible rubble chute is ideal for many different types of jobs: removing demolition material, removing gravel, removing tiles, woodwork, cleaning gutters/roofs, house clearances, etc.

Suitable for All Heights
The flexible rubbish chute is 3 metres long and therefore suitable for approximately 1 story. It can be easily connected to others sections so that you can also use this revolutionary rubbish chute for taller buildings. It can also be shortened, see the frequently asked questions on our website for more information. Connecting several parts is designed to be extremely simple. If you purchase several parts, they’ll be delivered with free connecting material.

Compact, Strong and Robust
The flexible rubbish chute can be folded up and is so compact that it hardly takes up any space so you can always take it with you. Furthermore, the flexible rubbish chute is very light and robust.

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